PUB149 Croton Tiglium Extract Induces the Apoptosis in Human Lung Cancer A549 Cells


      Croton, a large genus of Euphorbiaceae, is widely distributed in tropical regions of South-East Asia and China. Many researchers previously reported the pharmacological and physiological actions of Croton species on anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant and wound healing properties. Mature Croton tiglium contains large amounts of natural medical components, in which croton alkaloid, flavonoids and diterpenes are anticancer agents. The study on application of Croton in lung cancer is lacking. In this study, we investigated the regulating effects of Croton tiglium extract on A549 cell proliferation and apoptosis.


      Preparation of Croton tiglium seed extract. A549 human lung cancer cell cultures Cell viability assay Flow cytometric analysis of apoptosis.


      Our results demonstrate that the Croton tiglium extract could inhibit the proliferation of A549 cells by regulating apoptosis in vitro. It has potential to provide biologically active compounds for treating NSCLC and deserves additional evaluation criteria as a new plant-derived anticancer agent.


      lung cancer, croton tiglium, apoptosis, MTT