PUB125 Clinical Observation of Nimotuzumab Combined with Chemotherapy as First Line Therapy for Advanced Lung Squamous Cell Carcinoma


      We found nimotuzumab combined with chemotherapy showed good efficacy in patients with squamous cell lung cancer. Now we try to evaluate efficacy and safety of nimotuzumab combined with chemotherapy as first line therapy for advanced lung squamous cell carcinoma.


      A retrospective analysis of clinical data was conducted in patients with advanced lung squamous cell carcinoma, who were treated by nimotuzumab during February 2012 to March 2016 in Department of Respiratory Medicine, Peking Union Medical College Hospital. All patients signed the informed consents, and consented to offer clinical information.


      14 patients were enrolled in this study, including 13 male and 1 female patients. Median Age is 69 (52-76) year old. Two patients were of stage IIIB lung cancer, 12 patients were of stage IV. Objective response rate is 57.1%, and disease control rate is 100%. Median progression free survival was 5.0 month. Adverse effects included 6 cases (42.8%) of neutropenia, 3 cases (21.4%) of thrombocytopenia, 4case (28.6%) of vomiting, 3 cases (21.4%) of fatigue, 7 cases (50.0%) of peripheral sensory neuropathy, 11 cases (78.6%) of alopecia. All adverse effects were attributed to chemotherapy.


      Objective response rate and disease control rate of nimotuzumab combined with chemotherapy as first line therapy is high in patients with advanced lung squamous carcinoma, and adverse effects are manageable.


      nimotuzumab, chemotherapy, Lung Squamous cell carcinoma