P1.08-041 Disease Free and Overall Survival is Equal in Open and VATS Resection for Early Lung Cancer in a Multivariate Analysis

Topic: Minimal Invasive Surgery


      Video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) has become a valid alternative to open resection for lung cancer treatment. However, robust data on the oncologic equality are still missing. This study evaluates disease free and overall survival for patients with early stage (cN0) lung cancer treated either with open or VATS resection.


      A total of 359 patients with early stage (cN0) lung cancer with available survival data in our institutional database were treated between 2004 and 2015. VATS was introduced in 2009, since that time all clinically nodal negative patients were treated with an intended VATS approach.


      Overall and disease free survival are not influenced by the type of surgical approach. Due to perioperative benefits with shorter length of hospital stay and less complications, a minimally invasive approach as the gold standard of surgical treatment for clinically nodal negative lung cancer patients should be advocated.


      VATS, early lung cancer, overall survival